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Andrew Bowe is a career master farrier who specialises in the barefoot rehabilitation of horses that are suffering chronic lameness. His business is situated in Victoria, Australia.
Mayfield is Australia's first barefoot rehabititation centre. Our aim is to bring chronically lame horses back to soundness by returning the physiologically correct form and function to their feet.  We have a very good success rate with such problems as navicular syndrome, laminitis, hoof cracks, ringbone and other degenerative conditions.
Maintenance Trimming Workshops

Maintenance trimming provides the ultimate in hoofcare for your horse.
You can learn this simple but effective skill at one of our popular workshops.

We now sell a range of quality hoof trimming tools and accessories; chosen and thoroughly road tested to ensure their suitability for barefoot trimming. We also have a range of kits with great discounts. Our Maintenance Trimming DVD is a valuable resource for revision.
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A Handbook for Horse Owners

This informative book by Andrew & Nicky Bowe, will change the way you think about laminitis
This 220 page book shows how a fundamental shift in the way laminitic hooves are managed can possibly rectify even the most serious cases; a shift away from traditional treatment with corrective shoeing to 'barefoot' rehabilitation. $80/copy. Order online, phone 03 57734306 or email.

Mayfield Bare-Hoof-Care Centre
We have a busy place with a lot to offer

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Digital Edition Now Available
You can now purchase a digital version of The Pony That Did Not Die from Follow this link and type the book title into the search box to read on tablet, Kindle or phone anywhere, anytime.

Barehoofcare: Functional Hooves for Lifelong Soundness - 2nd Edition

Completely revised, updated and greatly expanded.

If you own a horse, you own its hooves!

98 pages, full colour. Excellent value at $15.
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