Mayfield Bare-Hoof-Care Centre has been established in Yarck (Central Victoria) by Andrew and Nicole Bowe to help restore horses with chronic and /or acute lameness back to soundness, using barefoot rehabilitation.

At Mayfield, the main objective is to return distorted feet back to the form and function designed by nature. The physiologically correct hoof! Upon arrival, horses are trimmed and turned out on rubber longyards which allow comfortable and therefore correct movement. Healing begins immediately. Rubber is fantastic footing for recuperating horses; it is non-concussive but firm enough to allow maximum hoof mechanism on a properly trimmed hoof. The rate of repair is amazing.

In many cases we also use Easycare hoof boots to increase comfort and promote correct movement, therefore speeding up healing time.
Depending on the type and severity of distortion and lameness, the duration of stay is  2 - 6 months in most cases.

At Mayfield we look at the big picture; it's not just about the trim. We mostly need to revisit our patient's diets, especially the sugar content. We lean towards using more natural feeds and feeding regimes.

There is often much tension in the horses bodies and once we get them moving more comfortably we have a network of good body therapists we call on to help.

The owners of these horses are then provided with a management plan to maintain soundness and prevent relapse; and we have a network of professional equine trimmers that clients can be referred to after their horse returns home.

The science used at Mayfield is as old as time, but this is a new frontier in hoofcare.
Most people who would be reading this have probably experienced the limitations of traditional hoofcare when some problems are considered inherent, untreatable,  or even terminal. UNTIL NOW!.

Can Mayfield Bare-hoof-care Centre help you?
Does your horse suffer any of these problems
Navicular Syndrome ?
Ringbone ?
Undiagnosed heel pain?
Degenerative joint diseases?
White line disease?
Incurable hoof cracks?
Has your horse been written off to premature retirement?
Or worse?
Well, don't give up on your precious horse. Mayfield Barehoofcare centre may be able to help.

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Hoof problems have become the domestic horses' Achilles heel!
Early in the degenerative process hoof problems are sub-clinical such as hoof deformity or loss of structure and integrity in the hoof capsule. Further down the track they progress to chronic lameness.
Solving these problems is the forte` of barefooting.
Barefoot trimming can help to rehabilitate horses feet with such problems by returning the correct form and function to deformed and disfunctional feet. Simple but effective.
It is highly successful at returning chronically lame horses back to usable soundness, often after all other avenues of treatment have been unable to do so.



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